QHoppr : Self-Scanning & Self-Checkout App

The QHoppr platform began as a pure self-scanning application and grew over time in response to the needs of merchants and customers. Now it includes a variety of capabilities designed to allow different retail formats to fully digitize their customer interactions.

The core platform involves an application for shoppers and a separate application for staff that mediates shopping, customer service, and promotions. The shopper application comes in two flavors: Universal, for use by multiple smaller retailers, and Private White-label, for larger brands.

Additional capabilities include product marketing, order-ahead counter service, and a special loss prevention system that is more secure than a standard checkout lane.

QHoppr – Self-Scanning & Self-Checkout App
Kencil – Smart App for Smart Schools

Kencil : Smart App for Smart Schools

School management software, Parent engagement app and a suite of gracefully integrated tools to help schools efficiently automate all operations.

MeZu : On-Demand Meat Delivery App

Mezu a one-stop online meat shop for fresh meat, chicken, fish, eggs, mutton & seafood delivery. Mezu is developed to provide an all-rounded software solution for Meat shopping & delivery. The solution consists of an online shopping web & mobile apps, store inventory management software.

MeZu – On-Demand Meat Delivery App
GroZer - Multi-Store grocery shopping app

GroZer : Multi-Store Grocery Shopping App

Our online grocery shopping software has been designed to provide an all-rounded website & app solution for multi-store grocery shopping. The UI has been crafted to provide a seamless grocery shopping experience for users inspired by apps around the world.

Laundro : On-Demand Laundry Service App

Laundro software is customizable to build a solution for any kind of on demand laundry startup, dry cleaners app, laundry delivery apps & more.

Laundro - On-Demand Laundry Service App
Ez Doctor - On-Demand Healthcare App

Ez Doctor : On-Demand Healthcare App

EZ Doctor has been tailored to the needs of medical practitioners and those seeking the service of these professionals. Healthcare startups can customize their own doctor-on-demand apps as stand-alone apps or combine them with their existing healthcare business models.

Fasho : Fashion Retail Ecommerce App

Fasho, our ultimate Fashion retail eCommerce solution for entrepreneurs looking to get into the fashion e-commerce business niche.

Fasho – Fashion Retail Ecommerce App
Kommune – Community App

Kommune : Community App

Integrated platform for closed community to take care of membership, event booking, community magazine and chat forum. Solution can be customized to any kind of community, society and co-working space.

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